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If there was a definitive discography of classic albums, what should be in it? Host Mark Fraser from The Curator Podcast, and titans of Glasgow music/co-hosts David Weaver from Detour and Chris Cusack from Bloc, discuss and dissect perceived classic albums to decide which albums would make this list. Then, after we've talked it to death, we turn it over to you to decide once and for all via a handy poll. Cast your vote on our Facebook page and let's celebrate unsung classics.


Aug 20, 2019

Surprise! Part two of our Biffy episode is available a few days early, as we look to go ahead with ‘Mothership Connection’ by Parliament this Friday.

The gloves are off in this episode as Chris finally gets to the root of his deep seated disdain for the band, we talk about this album, where it sits in the context of...

Jun 25, 2019


Because we chopped this in two we decided to drop it on Tuesday instead of Friday. SURPRISE!

In keeping with the usual “Ask a question, we’ll give the answer” theme of our Split 7” episodes we’re answering another question. This time, it’s one posed by Chris: who would be the worst band to tour with?

Jun 18, 2019

This is…three weeks late? We apologise.

In our quest to offer you PREMIUM CONTENT at ROCK BOTTOM prices we’ve slung together the second episode of our new feature Sound is a Pound. This week, David takes the reins and dives deep into the Poundland catalogue to produce something which one can definitely describe as...

May 28, 2019

SURPRISE! Here’s a brand new thing that we hope to make into a new thing.

Inspired by random nonsense found in Poundland, we’ve decided it could be entertaining to see what music we can get for exactly One Great British Pound. We will then do a slightly humorous super fast Unsung-lite review of the album in...

May 24, 2019

Whilst D’Angelo’s R&B stylings weren’t exactly traditional, or even reflected the popular sounds of the time, Kelela makes him sound positively contemporary in comparison.

Indeed, on her debut release she takes the Contemporary R&B rule book and throws it right out of the window. In fact, one could argue that she...