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If there was a definitive discography of classic albums, what should be in it? Host Mark Fraser from The Curator Podcast, and titans of Glasgow music/co-hosts David Weaver from Detour and Chris Cusack from Bloc, discuss and dissect perceived classic albums to decide which albums would make this list. Then, after we've talked it to death, we turn it over to you to decide once and for all via a handy poll. Cast your vote on our Facebook page and let's celebrate unsung classics.


Oct 26, 2020

Welcome friends, one and all, to our first every podcast crossover as we welcome Mitch Bain from the excellent Strong Language & Violent Scenes podcast.

Put simply, his show is about giving genre films a second chance which, as they put it, may or may not deserve it. They’ve produced well over 200 episodes on this point, and have managed to build a lovely community by regularly bringing guests on to talk about films and by doing live shows at Frightfest.

In recent times Mitch has also scored a couple of feature films too, which mean that it absolutely made sense to have him come on and talk about some of his favourite needle drops. Therein, dear friends, lies the crossover – we’re talking about music from films. As if that somehow wasn’t obvious by this point.

We asked Mitch to put together a list of his 8 favourite musical moments from films, then asked him to also pick a couple “wildcard” songs that had not yet been featured in a film but would make for excellent needle drops.

The also picked three of their favourite songs and one wildcard each. With so many tunes chosen between us (and many more aside) we felt it was only right to make this a two parter. So please, enjoy part one of Mitch’s Movie Mixtape, and then go check out his podcast too!

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