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If there was a definitive discography of classic albums, what should be in it? Host Mark Fraser from The Curator Podcast, and titans of Glasgow music/co-hosts David Weaver from Detour and Chris Cusack from Bloc, discuss and dissect perceived classic albums to decide which albums would make this list. Then, after we've talked it to death, we turn it over to you to decide once and for all via a handy poll. Cast your vote on our Facebook page and let's celebrate unsung classics.


Oct 5, 2018

We all love this record. Let’s just get that out of the way right now. It stands out in Devin Townsend’s oeuvre as being perhaps the single most focused and heaviest thing he’s ever done. It’s tight, almost organic feeling, and not a single not feels wasted.

Townsend’s back catalogue is massive, so in this episode we wrestle with it as best we can, all whilst returning to the drive of the man himself. His discography goes in just about every direction you can imagine, but each new path he treads he seems to do so in the most extreme way possible. Over the top, ambitious and with an immense sense of humour, we felt that this album is what best represents Devin Townsend.

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