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If there was a definitive discography of classic albums, what should be in it? Host Mark Fraser from The Curator Podcast, and titans of Glasgow music/co-hosts David Weaver from Detour and Chris Cusack from Bloc, discuss and dissect perceived classic albums to decide which albums would make this list. Then, after we've talked it to death, we turn it over to you to decide once and for all via a handy poll. Cast your vote on our Facebook page and let's celebrate unsung classics.


Apr 5, 2019

At some point, some journalist somewhere decided that “celtic fusion” was a genre, and subsequently placed the music of Martyn Bennett in it. What does it mean? Well, your guess is as good as ours. We can safely say though that Bennett’s fifth and final album ‘Grit’ is definitely a genre fusion of sorts.

We’ve dedicated a fair amount of time to discussing Scottish artists and albums on this podcast, but we’ve yet to touch on traditional Scottish music. Martyn Bennett is very much from a folk/trad background, but his approach is way more modern and genre bending than most artists.

‘Grit’ is a fascinating album by a fascinating man. Musically, it perhaps sounds a little dated today, but it still has some massive tunes on it. This week Weaver and Chris get into the artist, the album, the context around it and even go on some interesting excursions about the Scottish traditional/folk scene as a whole.

As ever, you decide if it makes it into our discography. Vote via Facebook.